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Mini RollMatic

Changing the sleeve of a mini paint roller is an unpleasant job. It causes dirty hands and is a messy job. What about the mini roller during a break? Traditionally the painter wraps the mini roller in a plastic bag or leaves it emerged into the paint.           Today there is a new generation of mini paint rollers with automatic release mechanism. The simple click system automatically releases the mini roller sleeve from the roller handle.

  • Easy and fast also when changing the sleeve to a sleeve with another color
  • No more dirty hands; allows to work neatly
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Mini RollMatic® comes with a practical storage box to avoid dried out mini rollers.
With a simple click, the paint coated mini roller sleeve can be released into the mini RollMatic® box.
The mini roller sleeve stays moist and ready to use for up to 1 week *
* Depending on the type of paint used.

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