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For most of us, cleaning a paint roller is a messy job and we tend to waste a lot of water.
The new CleanBox® makes cleaning a paint roller very simple and fast and helps saving water.






CleanBox® is a watertight container for cleaning paint rollers:

  • Cleans the roller effectively in less than 1 minute.
  • Approximate water consumption for a correct cleaning: 5 litres (*).
  • Saves more than 80% of water compared to manual cleaning.
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STEP 1Place the CleanBox in the kitchen sink or near a drain. Connect to running water using a hosepipe and a hose adaptor. Put the roller in the CleanBox leaving the roller wire in the slot at the top of the CleanBox.
STEP 2Turn on the water supply and hold the roller during the washing process.
STEP 3Once the roller is completely clean, turn off the water supply and start the spin action making sure the roller stays in the same position. Remove the roller once the spinning is completed.
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