Nespoli Click and Roll Time-Saving Paint Roller with Freshbox Malerstreif 3/4in High-Productivity Fabric


  • Next-generation paint rollers with a simple click-in and click-out system to release the roller cover from the handle for fast changes without getting your hands dirty; tried-and-tested in Europe
  • Practical FreshBox to store roller covers with paint, keeping them moist and ready to use for up to three weeks (depending on the type of paint used); saves time, water and paint
  • Time-saving paint rollers to work faster; 25 centimeter/circa 10 inch cover length with jumbo, 55mm diameter, core = paint-carrying capacity of a 14-inch paint roller, 56% more than a 9-inch cover
  • Soft-touch ergonomic and durable handle with a sturdy 8-mm aluminum frame
  • Exclusive MALESTREIF 3/4 inch pile, anti-splatter fabric for semi-smooth to rough surfaces; preferred by professional painters in Germany for its outstanding performance and durability

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Additional information

Weight 1.168 lbs
Dimensions 9.252 × 10.63 × 4.134 in
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