Nespoli FreshBox Paint Brush 50mm2 inch Italian-Made with FillPro High-Tech Filaments


  • Italian-made paint brushes with exclusive FillPro® soft-tapered, high-tech filaments for perfect paint results
  • FreshBox48® prevents paint from drying out for 48-hours, saving time and making it easier to take breaks
  • Stainless steel ferrule and durable monoblock construction; the most secure construction for maximum durability
  • Work faster and better with a paint brush designed for optimal brushability, defined as a great glide, superb coverage, outstanding pick up and release and minimal brush marks
  • FSC®-certified hardwood handles with LaserTouch, laser engraving, for improved ergonomics and anti-slip grip

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Research tells us that a painter takes about 2 breaks per day and that the average paint job takes two days. To take a break, some painters wrap the brush with plastic. Others leave the brush in water before the break and then get back to work to a water-soaked paint brush and may apply a different “diluted” color. For the others, if they leave their brush exposed to air, they will find a dried-out brush after their break that will carry less paint, glide less smoothly and likely do a lot more scratching as they apply the paint.

Now new from Nespoli, our paint brushes come with a handy, FreshBox48, storage box! It takes out the hassle of storing your paintbrush during a break and prevents the bristles from drying out for at least 48 hours. It is simply time, paint and water saving as you will not need to clean out the paint brush before a break, wrap it plastic or leave it dipped in water.

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