Nespoli MicroCrater Ultra-fine Finish 4-inch Foam Mini-Rollers (Complete Roller + Pack with Two Covers)


Nespoli MicroCrater foam rollers have a patented cell design that makes the roller great at pick and release of paint and outstanding at super fine finishes. Handled right our rollers will give you a finish that will look at smooth as if you had sprayed paint compared to brush marks or a rollers usual orange peel finish. The complete mini roller has an ergonomic soft-touch handle that can be used with an automatic-lock Nespoli telescopic pole, sold separately.

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  • Four-inch foam rollers with MicroCrater high-density foam, an exclusive and innovative micro-perforated cell structure for perfect finishes
  • For a surface finish like a spray gun, this roller is perfect for application and smoothing for cabinets, doors and more.
  • Better absorption power and gradual release, outperforms traditional foam rollers on productivity and finish
  • Interchangeable system with three MicroCrater foam roller covers and an ergconomic soft-touch handle that can be paried with our Nespoli telescopic extension poles
  • Make it easy, Make it Nespoli! Tried and tested, our innovations are preferred by painting pros and DIY enthusiasts in Europe.