Nespoli MicroCrater Ultra-fine Finish 4-inch Foam Mini Paint Roller


Nespoli – smart solutions, easy life. As a leading European paint-tool manufacturer with more than 80 years of experience, we strive to make the finest and most innovative paint tools based on a deep understanding of professional painters, craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts’ needs. Our strenght is based on a commitment to innovation. We own more than 60 patents and numerous registered designs. Our MicroCrater technology is one of our finest innovation for foam rollers. The unique, innovative cell structure of our foam rollers means greater productivity and a very fine finish. We like to think of it as an ultra-fine finish, comparable to spray painting. Nespoli MicroCrater foam rollers have a patented cell design that makes the roller great at pick and release of paint and outstanding at super fine finishes. Handled right our rollers will give you a finish that will look at smooth as if you had sprayed paint compared to brush marks or a rollers usual orange peel finish. The complete mini roller has an ergonomic soft-touch handle that can be used with an automatic-lock Nespoli telescopic pole, sold separately.

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  • Four-inch foam rollers with MicroCrater high-density foam, an exclusive and innovative micro-perforated cell structure for perfect finishes
  • For a surface finish like a spray gun, this roller is perfect for application and smoothing for cabinets, doors and more.
  • Better absorption power and gradual release, outperforms traditional foam rollers on productivity and finish
  • Ten (10) MicroCrater foam roller covers for use with Nespoli mini-roller handle, bought separately, and ready to pair with Nespoli telescopic extension poles with SystemBlock secure hold.
  • Make it easy, Make it Nespoli! Tried and tested, our innovations are preferred by painting pros and DIY enthusiasts in Europe.


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